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1A and 2C certification for cell tower construction FAQ

What is the difference between an FAA 1A and 2C certification?

The 1A and 2C certifications refer to land survey accuracy. An FAA 1A certification is +20 ft horizontally, +3 ft vertically. An FAA 2C certification is +50 ft horizontally, +20 ft vertically.

Where do I find the standard FAA 1A form? Where do I find the standard FAA 2C form?

You do not need an official form, but we will provide a certificate stating that the cell tower survey we performed is within the required accuracy range. This is known as a FAA 1A letter or an FAA 2C letter.

Cell Tower FAA Certification in Corona, CA

One of the larger cities in Riverside county, Corona is a major residential area for people who commute to Los Angeles. Bordered by a higher percentage of unincorporated and wilderness areas, the Corona area presents unique geographical challenges for land surveying. Nationwide Surveying, Inc has experienced field technicians and sophisticated equipment that will ensure you get the highest quality land surveying services for all of your Corona-area projects. 

Cell Tower FAA Certificate Letters in Anaheim, CA

Anaheim is a major city in Orange County, CA, the second largest in the county. It is famously the home of Disneyland, and tourists make up a large portion of telecommunications customers in the city. Nationwide Surveying is experienced in surveying in a wide variety of environments, including densely packed metropolitan areas and sprawling suburbs. We will provide accurate and reliable surveys for any Anaheim cell tower project, no matter which one of the varied Anaheim neighborhoods the lot is located in.

Telecom FAA Certification in Santa Ana, CA

Santa Ana is the most populated city in Orange County. The city is located on particularly flat land, which is advantageous in any tower construction project, but there are also flood risks in many areas. The Santa Ana river is the largest river in Southern California and poses a continuous flood risk despite dam construction. Coupled with the usual earthquake dynamics in Southern California, extra care must be taken in land surveying for risk management and stability concerns.

Telecom Cell Tower Projects in Mission Viejo, CA

Mission Viejo is a suburban, mainly residential city located in south Orange County. The most significant geological feature in this area is Lake Mission Viejo, a huge artificial lake built for the large planned residential community that Mission Viejo consists of. The pre-planned nature of the city makes both surveying and construction projects relatively easy, although the usual challenges of surveying and construction in residential areas apply.

Land Surveying Services for Cell Tower and Other Telecom Projects

Besides 1A and 2C certification letter, Nationwide Surveying provides a full range of land surveying, related certification, and legal description services for the telecommunications industry. As a local company, we are familiar with the unique and varied landscape and regulatory environments present in Corona, Anaheim, Santa Ana, Mission Viejo, and other Southern California cities.

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